A non-negotiable part of meeting Jesus means being sent out, and not just alone on some private spiritual quest or individualized ministry. It means being called into community, into a church, and then sent out with others.

Such is the message at the gathering for the community's VADE AD AURUM / GO FOR GOLD – to establish MFC in the 50 states of the USA in 3 years.


  1. Each state will receive two missions in three years.
    A mission is equivalent to a Christian Life Seminar (CLS), a Life in Christ Seminar (LCS), or any LCSC Pillar undertaking thereof.
  2. For states without MFC presence yet, two missions will be conducted in the span of three years.
    Missions herein, may be initiated from within its mother-zone or from other zones with proper coordination.
  3. For states with MFC presence already, two missions will be conducted as well, in the span of three years for purposes of expansion to a new county, city or parish without MFC yet.
    Missions herein, may be initiated both from within the state or from a different state.

 vadeadaurum east 1

Our resolution.

NSG22 RESOLUTION 1: A resolution adopting ‘VADE AD AURUM: CLIII’ as MFC USA’s goal and call to mission for 2023-25.

We, participants to the MFC USA 2022 National Servants’ Gathering, do hereby resolve to adopt ‘VADE AD AURUM: CLIII’ as the official goal and call to mission of the Missionary Families of Christ, USA for the next three years – 2023 to 2025.

Furthermore, we commit: to make every member of MFC USA aware of this call to mission; to support all efforts in making this goal a reality; and to personally enlist for mission with my time, talents, and treasure.

So, help us God.